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AccuPipe Inc. Returns to Manitoba


WINKLER, MB. (February 14, 2020) – AccuPipe, a division of the PLS group of companies, is excited to announce that they have again entered the pipe manufacturing industry with the purchase of Prinsco’s Winkler operation. AccuPipe will continue manufacturing HDPE tubing, or drain tile, for the agricultural, commercial, and construction communities.


“This investment will provide vertical integration with our existing Precision Land Solutions company, allowing for a consistent supply of drainage pipe to meet the growing needs of our clients” says Chris Unrau, President & CEO.  “Ultimately, this allows us to serve our clients better, while providing an additional service to the local market”.


Jamie Duininck, Co-President of Prinsco, adds “Prinsco is confident that our employees and customers in Canada will be well taken care of.  Chris Unrau and his team at AccuPipe have extensive experience in water management, and will continue our vision by providing the highest quality water management product throughout the Canadian prairies.  In addition, Prinsco is excited to partner with AccuPipe as a supplier, giving AccuPipe access to our full line of water management products.”


If the AccuPipe name sounds familiar, that’s because it is. In 2012 AccuPipe was founded in Winkler. Garnet Peters, the plant's General Manager, has been with the organization from the beginning and comments “It’s really business as usual for us. Our staff is staying on and we’re committed to producing the same quality product at cost effective price points right here in Manitoba.” 


The new identity and ownership of AccuPipe is an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and build stronger communities. Being locally owned and providing the product right here allows for significant benefits including; economic growth of the region, and a better more seamless experience for our clients. By leveraging the years of agricultural experience from the PLS Group, AccuPipe is far more than a pipe producer, they’re a solution provider fully integrated through design to manufacturing to installation.


“Our team is here to recommend a right sized solution for each application” says Unrau, “we serve the brightest and best producers in the world, they’re the ones that keep us at our best and moving forward”.



About PLS Group 


Established in 2006, the PLS Group of companies is committed to serving the agricultural community with full-service agricultural water management solutions, working to help producers sustainably reduce risk, improve economic stability, and make farming easier.


The practice of tile drainage involves installing perforated pipes below the surface of the ground so excess water can escape and flow away from the field leaving an optimal environment for root growth. In addition to producing better crops and enabling timely field operations, the tile system is also environmentally conscientious with studies showcasing the systems reduction of water runoff, soil erosion, and pesticide movement. 


For additional information/interviews, contact:


Chris Unrau

President & CEO

PLS Group of Companies

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